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Pre-Session Tips

I’m thrilled for our collaboration and feel privileged to be a part of your inner growth journey. Thank you for letting me support you! 

I’d like to share 8 tips to prepare for our sessions and maximize our time to tap together.

1) Add me to your contacts list

Please add my email address to your contacts list. Sometimes, my emails land in spam or promotions folders, so this will make sure you get my emails.

2) Complete the Pre-Session Form (48h beforehand)

Complete the Pre-Session Form at least 48 hours before our first session. This helps us clarify our focus and build accountability, so you can get the most out of our collaboration.

3) Book your sessions

Book your EFT sessions. Please schedule each session separately. At the bottom of the confirmation page, you’ll see a link to book the next session. 

Ideally, each session would be the same day and time as the first one. If you have 2 sessions per month, please book a session every other week.

I highly recommend booking all sessions as soon as possible or at least a couple weeks in advance, so that you can get your desired time slot.

4) Cancellation/rescheduling policy

Paid sessions are non-refundable. One reschedule is allowed with at least 24-hours notice prior to the booked session. Insufficient notice to reschedule or missing the session will result in forfeiture of funds. Clients arriving over 10 minutes late may be asked to reschedule at my discretion.

You’ll get an email and text reminder with the Zoom meeting link 30 hours and 1 hour before each session. Please use the cancel and reschedule buttons at the bottom of each email notification if need be.

5) Complete the Check-In Form (24h before each session)

In your email reminders, you’ll see a link to the Check-In Form. Unless it’s your first session, please complete the 3-question form at least 24 hours before our next session.

Take a moment to check in with your progress, celebrate your wins and reflect on what’s next. This helps build accountability and maximizes our time to tap together.

6) Read the EFT Guide

Learn the tapping points and effective signs of EFT by reading at least pages 6 to 8 in the EFT Tapping Guide. In this guide, you’ll also learn about EFT, its benefits, notable studies and tips to create your own EFT routine.

7) Turn off phone notifications

Please turn off phone notifications to avoid distractions during our sessions. Have some water and tissues nearby. You might want to bring your journal and a pen to write down revelations and action steps.

8) Embrace your “emotional truth”

Tune into your “emotional truth” during our sessions. Sometimes, our mind says one thing, but we feel something else. We might say, “Oh, I don’t feel ashamed at all,” but underneath we feel very ashamed. That’s normal.

We want to focus on our emotional truth as much as possible. Even if it’s ridiculous, childish, violent or taboo. All of you is welcome.

Everything is 100% confidential. There are no recordings. Our sessions are a non-judgmental space. 

We’re co-creating our sessions. If at anytime you feel overwhelmed, we can use gentler techniques so that you feel calmer before proceeding.

It’s not about powering through. Honor your body’s healing rhythm. Sometimes, it’s better to go slowly. 

Thanks for reading my 8 pre-session tips! Please let me know if you have any questions.

I’m very much looking forward to working with you.