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Private Sessions

Perhaps you’ve tried everything to create fulfilling relationships and the life you desire.

But for some reason, you still feel stuck. And it’s super frustrating.

Here’s the thing: The root of our issue often lies in our subconscious mind and body.

So if your issue is people-pleasing, imagine it’s like the leaves of a weed.

To remove the weed, you must pull out the roots—your fears, limiting beliefs and unresolved past wounds. These roots are keeping you stuck.

With my signature method combined with EFT Tapping, you’ll safely release deeper layers of what ails you, regulate your nervous system and embody your inner wisdom. You’ll restore balance with my extensive experience, intuitive guidance and compassionate space.

After removing the weed, we’ll reseed the bare spot with empowering beliefs and cultivate how you want to show up in the world.

Eventually, you’ll find a flower emerges with petals that reflect peace, joy and fulfillment.

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.” ―Rumi

Release people-pleasing, set boundaries and enjoy healthy relationships with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

Develop a success mindset and release self-doubt for more income, impact and fulfillment with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

Heal from sexual trauma, embrace your sexuality and reclaim your power with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

Uproot a deep-seated issue (e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma) to create peace and joy in twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

“I’ve done amazing healing in my journey.”

Benefits of Working With Me

The women I support often sacrifice their needs to please others. It can be hard to stay grounded when setting boundaries and conflicts cause anxiety.

You may have learned to prioritize others and to be caring and nurturing at the expense of yourself. It’s a challenge to speak up for yourself, ask for what you need or feel worthy of your desires.

When we build a better relationship with ourselves, we no longer need to seek others’ approval. Our sense of self-worth comes from within, which makes it easier to speak our truth, enjoy healthy relationships and live a fulfilled life.

I also help women in these areas:

  • addiction/cravings
  • anxiety
  • childhood pain
  • depression (mild)
  • grief
  • low self-esteem
  • perfectionism
  • relationship issues
  • sexuality
  • sexual trauma
  • success blocks
  • traumatic memories

How does EFT work?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping), is an evidence-based therapeutic method for anxiety, depression, phobias, cravings, PTSD and so much more.

Tapping on certain acupuncture points, while focusing on the cause of the stress, help dissolve negative emotions, limiting beliefs and disturbing memories. EFT activates the relaxation response, which regulates the nervous system and boosts the immune system.

Let’s say you want to set a boundary with a loved one. Perhaps you feel extremely nervous about having the conversation…

Your heart likely beats faster, your palms get sweaty or bodily tension arises. That’s because your amygdala, the part of your brain that controls the fight-or-flight response, has been activated. 

We can use EFT Tapping to rewire your stress response and send calming signals to your brain. So the next time you set a boundary—or want to make any positive change—it’ll be much easier to stay grounded and take aligned actions.

A research study shows that a 60-minute EFT group session reduced participants’ cortisol levels by 43%. (Cortisol is commonly known as the “stress hormone”.) Supportive listening from a therapist reduced participants’ cortisol levels by 19%.

In another study, veterans who had PTSD benefited from 6 weekly EFT sessions with a practitioner. 90% of participants healed from PTSD, compared to 4% of participants who received standard care.

EFT Tapping is the most effective way I know how to rewire our subconscious mind for significant, lasting change and create the life we desire.

“The depression is gone.”

“I was going through a mild depression, feeling anxious and unclear about my professional path and an existential crisis around turning 40.

After working with Annie, I now feel more clear and motivated, emotionally resilient and happy. Depression is gone. I have attracted and sustained new love in the form of a conscious partnership and I’m now running sold out painting workshops regularly, and getting my consulting business back off the ground.

I feel more capacity to steady myself emotionally, not fall into old stories and false beliefs, and show up creatively in my leadership. I have navigated conflicts and triggers with more grace and I’ve grown my confidence as a creative entrepreneur and leader.

I love how Annie blends parts work and memory rewriting into EFT. It was almost identical work to my EMDR therapist, but I feel it took me farther and faster. Annie has a keen intuition and insight, getting to the bottom of recurring issues and holding space like a true alchemist to help you transform and heal.

I would absolutely recommend Annie’s EFT work to anyone ready and willing to do the work to heal and grow. She compassionately holds you capable without caretaking, and is a competent and non-judgemental ally in the healing process.”

—Alyssa Burtt

What to Expect

Here’s what it’s like to work with me:

After your payment, you’ll receive an email with my scheduling link, a pre-session form, tips to prepare for our collaboration and a welcome pdf.

Once you book your sessions, my scheduling app will send you the Zoom meeting links. You’ll also get an email/text reminder 30 hours and 1 hour before each session.

Just click on the Zoom link at the start of the meeting. During our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions to uncover aspects of your issue. Then we’ll tap together to gently and safely release your blocks. I’ll ask you another question or two, then we’ll tap again.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed, we’ll slow down and tap on that aspect until you feel calmer.

We’ll co-create the entire collaboration in this way. I’ll hold your hand throughout the process, even if you’ve never done EFT before.

I’ll give you some simple homework to further your progress. I also recommend tapping at least 5 to 10 minutes daily.

You’ll feel refreshed and lighter by the end of the session. And you’ll have greater awareness and clarity around your issue to move forward with more ease.

“I’ve found acceptance about my family.”

“I recently went no contact with my mother and sister, while my father was getting very sick. I was torn between allowing the mental and emotional abuse of my family to continue to still maintain a relationship with my father, or take action to cut that cycle of manipulation and emotional gaslighting. My father and I had a falling out in our relationship also because he picked my mother’s side. He also continued to have denial for any past mistakes or wrongdoings towards myself and my spouse.

The breakthroughs I’ve had since working with Annie is finding mental peace, clarity, and personal acceptance that I did nothing wrong and that I had to set and create certain boundaries for myself and my wife that my family is no longer allowed to cross. I’ve been able to look at the situation with a more clear and emotionally mature perspective while also remaining understanding and compassionate towards my father. I am now able to see beyond what the mind and ego allowed me to see before.

I am at peace with how my relationship with my father played out in this lifetime, I am thankful for the lessons, I am grateful for the good times we did have. I will remember those positive times and I will continue to pray for his soul because I know he is getting only more sick. I might not be acting how the family wants me to act, but I love him very much and God knows that.

I am more at peace and relaxed towards any family interactions. I have accepted that they might never change, but I can change my emotional and mental reaction to them. I am preparing for the day I have to return back to my hometown and face everyone. My relationship with my spouse is more smooth and calm now because she knows that I have now established a clear boundary with my family and would never ever allow them to disrespect her or me ever again.

You are truly incredible, Annie!! It was an absolute blessing to have met you via Instagram and have the opportunity to work with you. You have a special gift from above. You have such a natural ability to create a safe, secure, and structured environment. I felt safe and supported to open up. And that was all through Zoom. I can only imagine the energy around you in person. Your style was exactly what I needed to help start processing and healing things. 

Yes, I’d absolutely recommend your services to anyone that is ready to take ownership for their well-being and their mental health! And to anyone that is ready to look deep within themselves to break away from their own ego and illusions and step into their true light.” 

—Anya Quiñones

Frequently Asked Questions

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping) is a stress relief technique, based on ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

Tapping on certain parts of the body, while focusing on the cause of the stress, calms the mind, reduces anxiety and relieves pain. 

Studies show that tapping reduces cortisol levels (our “stress hormone”). Stress is linked to negative emotions, limiting beliefs and physical ailments.

EFT activates the relaxation response, which regulates the nervous system and boosts the immune system.

No. I’ll give you a brief overview of the tapping points and what to expect. Then, you’ll tap along with me.

I'll show you how to use EFT on your own, so that you feel empowered about your progress. You'll always be able to use this incredible tool to gracefully navigate through life's challenges.

If you're traumatized, rest assured that you won't have to relive the event(s). There are specific ways to safely release traumatic experiences.

Tapping on your own often isn’t specific enough to achieve lasting results. Different techniques and additional tapping points may be necessary to heal specific issues.

Appropriate training and experience are necessary to work with trauma to avoid retraumatizations.

A skilled EFT Practitioner identifies the root cause of your unique issue and clears subconscious blocks that are easily overlooked and keep your issue in place.

In private sessions, you also benefit from my intuition, insight and non-judgmental space to safely release painful memories and emotions. I hold your hand through the whole process, so that you don’t have to heal alone.

You need a good internet connection and a calm space. Most of the tapping points are on your face, head and hands. The remaining are on your upper body. Sitting at your desk works fine.

Headphones help block out background noise, so that you can focus on the session. Stay hydrated and keep a box of tissues nearby.

You can also bring your journal and a pen to write down revelations and action steps.

Please let your therapist know that you'd like to work with me. If you're heavily traumatized, I recommend seeing a therapist during our work together.

My clients find that our EFT Tapping sessions beautifully complement their therapy sessions. One of my clients said, "I have been in therapy for years, but for the 12 weeks I was seeing Annie, it felt like my therapy was sped up and worked deeper and harder than before."

Yes! I'm happy to offer flexible payment plans to make my EFT services accessible to more people.

For the Speak Your Truth Program, Accelerate Your Success Program, Reclaim Your Sexuality Program and Hush Your Mind Program ($1920 USD), you can choose one of these payment plans:

$320 USD/month x 6 (2 sessions/month)

$480 USD/month x 4 (3 sessions/month)

$640 USD/month x 3 (4 sessions/month)

$960 USD/month x 2 (4 sessions/month)

There are no extra charges for payment plans. It's an automatic payment system, which requires a primary and backup credit/debit card to be kept on file and a contract.

You'll receive an invoice via Stripe for the 1st payment, then you'll be automatically charged every month until the end of the payment plan.

Couples may work with me by booking the Speak Your Truth Program or Hush Your Mind Package for each partner. In exceptional cases, we could set up a couples session to complement the individual sessions.

Relationship conflicts often happen because we act based on our unhealed emotional baggage. Individual sessions give each partner the necessary space to release their own past wounds and triggers for a healthier relationship.

“My relationship with my partner has improved.”

Before working with Annie, I was experiencing constant upheaval and arguments in my relationship with my partner for the last 7 years. There was bickering and escalated fights over seemingly minor issues. My homelife was difficult: it was an overly critical and judgmental environment, not peaceful.  

At work, it was difficult to concentrate, be creative, and be productive when fighting was really bad (we were also working together in my business, which was hellish due to this). I could never please my partner, had low self-esteem, and my thinking was often muddled.

After working with Annie, I feel more grounded with renewed energy (mind/body/spirit). I feel confident and hopeful. I also have a greater understanding about how archetypes play out in our relationships and can often give myself the space/choice to think and act differently and with more compassion and grace. 

There are times when I catch myself afterwards, but my ability to make choices in the moment has definitely improved. I can say no (and preserve my own wellbeing) with more confidence, even if it makes the other person unhappy. 

I also feel much clearer about my goal and aspirations, regarding my life and business. I would like to share some of these experiences with my partner, but I am willing to enjoy these adventures on my own or with friends if she is not interested or unwilling.

My relationship with my partner has improved. We argue less, and so far, these arguments are less intense. I also catch myself before overcommitting (saying yes when I mean no). I feel more social and want to be engaged more in activities with friends and family and feel I can be more compassionate and understanding without trying to solve others’ problems. I feel like I exude more confidence and joy.

Annie’s style is both rational and compassionate. She gave me space and support to feel comfortable sharing and feeling my emotions, which is something I did not grow up learning to do.

I would recommend Annie’s services to family, friends, and people I meet who express and need to improve relationships, develop a greater self-awareness, and improve their lives.”

—Vanessa Geis

Release people-pleasing, set boundaries and enjoy healthy relationships with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

Develop a success mindset and release self-doubt for more income, impact and fulfillment with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

Heal from sexual trauma, embrace your sexuality and reclaim your power with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

Uproot a deep-seated issue (e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma) to create peace and joy with twelve 60-min. EFT sessions. $1920 USD or $320/month x 6.

“I’ve cut cords of codependency.”

“I was going through a really rough time with my family when I started working with Annie, and I reached out to help find peace within my dysfunctional family structure. I wanted relief from feeling constantly triggered and emotionally overwhelmed by their behavior, to overcome my expectations of validation and support from them, and to take back my power.

Every session with Annie held a breakthrough of some kind. By working with traumatic memories, we were able to go straight to the source of feelings of unworthiness, guilt, anger, and grief, and cut them out from the root while planting new, positive seeds in their place.

After a lifetime of embedded family dynamics that took my feelings and well-being for granted by placing me from a young age in the role of emotional caregiver, I’ve cut cords of codependency with multiple members of my family and now feel I can give myself the love and support I wish I’d had as a child, safe, strong, and independent in my own power. 

It’s still early days, but I’m starting to see changes in my family’s behavior, including more openness to listening and admitting past wrongdoings. But no matter their behavior, I feel empowered to not let their words and actions affect me as much as they once did, knowing that I can set the boundaries and terms of these relationships according to my needs. 

Annie creates the safest kind of space imaginable for the challenging work of EFT, providing both guidance and empathetic listening. What I most appreciated is the way she held space to let me arrive at my own realizations and breakthroughs, allowing me to (literally) tap into my own wisdom and intuition and reminding me that I hold all the answers to my questions within me—no one else can answer them for me.

For me, this is the richest and most effective kind of therapy—creating a structure of support that allows us to come to our own conclusions by breaking down barriers of fear and listening deeply to our innate knowledge.

I absolutely recommend Annie’s EFT services! 12 sessions with Annie was worth years of therapy with a talk therapist. The somatic element of EFT, by regulating the nervous system’s fight-or-flight response through tapping on acupressure points, allowed me to access, process, and heal memories and emotions that I would otherwise have been terrified of diving into.

I cannot recommend Annie’s services more to anyone struggling with deep-seated familial trauma, especially to women who suffer from people-pleasing tendencies and have difficulty setting boundaries.”

—Thera Gallardo

“I feel like a new human being.”

“The experience was life-altering.”

“I was grieving a breakup and was also triggered to past trauma that left me feeling numb. I had so many breakthroughs while working with Annie. I’m in touch with my feelings, I understand the impact of the past traumas that hadn’t been resolved and I learned a new way of managing my feelings and anxieties.

It’s almost miraculous. I feel so content and all the people in my life now are also content and just pleasant to be around. I can walk away from drama.

I appreciated Annie’s calm and confidence. I felt like I was in her hands and trusted that she would lead me to where I am today. Her confidence really was important.

I’d absolutely recommend Annie and her EFT services!! The experience was life-altering for me. I have recommended her to friends who are experiencing stress and anxiety.” 

—Tori Goldhammer

“My life did a complete 180.”

“I was very unhappy with my current life situation, especially with my job where I felt undervalued and like I wasn’t able to use my talents. Since I was a kid, I had a dream of being an entrepreneur and full-time writer, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. I decided to invest in Annie’s services to get off the life path I was on and on track for my dreams.

Before working with Annie, I felt like I wasn’t worthy of my dream life, dream friends, or even time to devote to myself. After working with Annie for 12 sessions, I began to feel more confident in myself, to develop self-compassion, and to believe I was worthy of my dreams. I saw this new sense of worthiness reflected in my life around me.

Because of these breakthroughs, I was able to take action towards building my dream business. Within my first 6 sessions with Annie, my business income matched my old salary at my job. By the twelfth session, I had surpassed my old salary! Not only that, but I felt much more fulfilled in the work I was taking on as a freelance social media manager and copywriter.

I’d also moved to a new city and had trouble making friends. Over the course of EFT, some amazing friends came into my life and I began to develop lifelong friendships and find people to travel with (another dream of mine). Basically, my life did a complete 180 over my time working with Annie.

I appreciated how easy Annie was to talk to. Even in our intro call, I felt comfortable with Annie and I felt like I could open up to her. She genuinely cares about her clients and is an experienced EFT practitioner.

I would recommend Annie to anyone who is serious about putting in the healing work needed to live their best life and get on track to achieving their dreams.”

—Angela Myers

“As an EFT Master Practitioner, I work with Annie to process my own issues.”

“As a Life Coach, EFT Master Practitioner, and business owner, I feel it is important and ethical to ensure I am staying healthy and processing any issues that come up as I help others. 

I also wanted to work with a fellow EFT Practitioner I trust and feel comfortable with to ask the challenging questions if I am feeling stuck. I had an opportunity to work with Annie previously and knew right away I wanted to work with her.

Annie is such an amazing Practitioner! She has helped me process grief and aspects of past core beliefs. I’ve been exploring my spiritual journey with her. Annie has also offered general business mentoring and business mentoring on group work. 

We’ve been able to do some deep processing and archetype work. She beautifully holds a safe and trusting space and walks alongside me. She is also willing to call out something she sees that had been overlooked.

I would highly recommend Annie to others that are ready to heal, address/resolve issues that may be keeping them stuck, and/or repeating limiting beliefs and patterns in their lives. 

I’d also recommend Annie to other mental health practitioners, coaches, and EFT Practitioners. She is an excellent EFT Practitioner!”

—Jennifer Vazquez

“I experienced self-love for the 1st time.”

“Before working with Annie, I was experiencing significant personal anxiety and stress in my life, especially surrounding setting healthy boundaries and accepting myself. Although I achieved many breakthroughs with therapy in the past few years, something always still felt “stuck” in my body and certain situations would still send me spiraling out of control emotionally. I really wanted to get unstuck and experience lasting change in my mental and emotional health.

In my work with Annie, I was able to encounter my inner child in a really radical way and address the roots of many deep wounds. I never thought I would be able to have this much compassion towards myself. It was like I knew about self-love in theory, but I was actually able to experience the reality for the first time. I am feeling calmer on a daily basis and I notice myself being less fearful, especially in situations that would have triggered me in the past. 

Annie is so compassionate and empathetic! She truly journeys with you into the wounded places of your heart in a very gentle and authentic way. I can’t imagine a better introduction to EFT than the one that Annie has provided.

I would recommend her EFT services to my friends who are seeking alternative modes of healing/therapy and are ready to try something new.”

—Eileen Xiang

“I feel abundant in all areas of my life.”

I was experiencing lack of growth in my business and tying my worth to it. I was relying on a lot of external validation and wanted to work on internal validation. I also struggled with imposter syndrome and fear of rejection during dating.

After working with Annie, I experienced financial abundance in other ways that still aligned, like getting a job as a pharmacist in my specialty of interest, having an opportunity to do a commercial with Walmart, becoming connected to my intuition more and narrowing down what I am looking for in a partner.

The most important relationship, the one with myself, has improved a lot! I think about what I want more instead of what society will think or if I am making others happy. I feel confident being in front of the camera! I prioritize what I want in a relationship and determine if someone is a good fit for me versus if the person I am dating likes me or not. I feel hopeful about the future and abundant in all areas of my life including financial. 

Annie provided a comfortable environment to talk about sensitive topics and she always checked in to make sure I was doing okay and able to process something before moving on.

I’d definitely recommend Annie and her EFT services to any friends and family who want to work on their subconscious thoughts, limiting beliefs and healing, or someone who feels “stuck” and like they’ve tried everything else but not seeing the results they want.”

—Ami Patel

“I finally resolved my trauma.”

“I would love to give a massive shout-out to Annie. I just experienced one of the most powerful sessions in resolving childhood trauma, leaving it behind. This trauma has impacted on me not feeling safe enough to rest, play, work less and be because bad things happened in that space. I had to work hard for so many reasons.

Finally, this has been resolved and my incredible inner child has matured. We are ready to play and reduce my hours of work to be in life. I am so grateful, Annie, from the bottom of my heart. You were incredible and held such a sacred place, so safe, accepting and caring. With love and gratitude, thank you. I feel amazing.”

—Liz Gow

“I have greater clarity in my business.”

“I’ve been working on my money mindset for years, but I still had deep unresolved trauma that affected me on a subconscious and physical level.

Since working with Annie, I experienced greater awareness and lasting shifts in my perspectives on money-related themes like safety, visibility, purpose, belonging and intimacy.

I’ve reached greater clarity in my approach to business and social media. It’s even changed how I walk and carry myself in the street! My dreams seem much more achievable. Now I love being visible because it’s rooted in self-respect and a desire to help others.

Annie is with you every step of the way and creates a safe and nurturing space. I had the freedom to say things I didn’t even allow myself to think previously. I felt like I could be bare with my truth and own all my sides—shadow and light.

If you’re looking for quick fixes and to simply feel good about yourself and justify your current state, I suggest looking elsewhere. But if you’re ready to face yourself in all of your glory and messiness, Annie is THE ONE. This work takes courage and vulnerability, and I felt supported at every step.

Do it, not only for your current self, but for the parts of you aching to heal, and the greater vision of who you are that’s still emerging.”

—Kiam Marcelo Junio

“I no longer eat chocolate everyday.”

“Within a couple of sessions with Annie, I felt an inner calm that I didn’t realise was missing and that has stayed with me since. Connections were made on past hurts that needed releasing and as a result I no longer eat chocolate everyday or much at all. Annie made me feel heard and safe and was very adaptable when other issues came up [ . . . ] and helped me gain clarity with those too. Thank you, Annie.”

—Kate Banton

“I released the pressure to be ‘good enough’.”

“I was feeling blocked and unmotivated in my business and in my connections with others, and I wanted to move past that resistance.

I was able to connect with my inner child more deeply than I ever have before. I released the pressure I put on myself to be “good enough” and embraced the fact that I will never be good enough. Haha, so what?

In my relationships with others, I now feel less inclined to avoid conflict at all costs. I’ve begun standing up for myself more, even when it’s unpopular, and I don’t feel bad about it afterwards.

Your energy is kind and warm, and I felt very supported not only during our session but via email before and after also.

These sessions are powerful, and a tremendous amount of energy can be moved in a very short amount of time using these methods. If you want stuck places to shift and life to feel better, schedule a session.”

—Elena VW

“I’ve discovered new ways to feel confident.”

“Through Annie’s support and gentle coaching style, I have discovered new ways to feel confident.

One of the things I loved best about working with Annie is her ability to listen intently and really hear me in ways I was unable to hear myself.

Annie’s intuition was always spot on and she knew exactly how to help me. She allowed me to prattle on with talking through my flow of consciousness, but she always found the core issue and helped work through it in minutes. Thank you, Annie—with much gratitude.”

—Linda Hampton

“I’m here to be a game changer.”

“I had a major breakthrough realizing that my vision for my business is SO valid. The clients that are meant to find me will find me—I offer a unique message. It has affected how I view my greater purpose in this world. I’m here to be a game changer and the ‘torchbearer’. 

I love that Annie has such calming energy. There’s not an ounce of her that’s rushed, scattered or flaky. She’s centered, focused, present—always. 

I would say it’s either a f*** yes or a f*** no—don’t be on the fence. COMMIT today with working with Annie! Working with her will truly gift you a new, fresh perspective on the ‘healing arts’. She has fresh vibrant energy to share and will make you feel like your best self!”

—Mia Kelly

“I feel refreshed, clear and less stressed.”

“Annie guides you gently but clearly as a skilled EFT coach. The tapping techniques are effective for lowering stress and gaining awareness of one’s mindset.

I feel so fortunate to be part of Annie’s EFT Group! Her manner of presenting the EFT tapping techniques is in depth, without being intimidating. She’s down-to-earth, funny and compassionate while guiding you in your EFT experience.

I’ve come away from her tapping sessions feeling refreshed, clear and less stressed! I highly recommend Annie’s coaching as an EFT practitioner and teacher.” 

—Laura Quilligan

“I’m taking action with less fear and internal drama.”

“I’ve been struggling with confidence, self-doubt and getting motivated to take action in my business. I was hoping to gain confidence and clarity while decreasing the weight of negative energy. 

Working through childhood blocks and my own negative self-talk was so powerful! I gained insight into the things that are impacting me on a subconscious level and preventing me from moving forward. 

The clarity I’ve gained is helping me take action with less fear and internal drama around other people’s opinions and feedbacks. Also, I don’t have to wait until I’m the smartest/best/brightest to take any action, which I’ve apparently been doing as a way of defending against being criticized or put down! 

Annie is very kind and authentic, and was very aware of how I was processing and feeling throughout the process. She created a safe container where I felt comfortable expressing myself and being open and vulnerable. 

Give it a try! Annie will guide and support you throughout your journey, and you can explore how EFT might be transformative in your own life or business.” 

—Hannah Hassler

“I feel liberated from guilt.”

“I began working with Annie when I was experiencing a family crisis. Thanks to our work together, I feel liberated from guilty feelings surrounding family issues. There is more freedom and spaciousness within my personal and family relationships. I don’t feel as permeable and my boundaries feel more clearly defined in an organic way. 

I really appreciated the gentleness in which Annie works. I feel deeply heard and witnessed with great care and compassion, allowing for a space in which I feel safe to emote and heal. 

I would definitely recommend Annie to others, especially to selected family members and friends who I have a sense would appreciate and could benefit from her work.”

—Daphne Glisson

“I’ve had huge breakthroughs in my eating disorder journey.”

“I have had a dysregulated relationship with food since I was very young. I was finally tired of food ruling my life and was hoping that EFT would be the gentle tool I needed to help heal the trauma and face my eating disorder.

I had so many breakthroughs in EFT with Annie that I lost track of them all! My biggest breakthroughs were huge revelations about the reason WHY I have certain fears/emotional responses surrounding food. Going into those fears and slowly peeling back and detaching the emotional responses has been a huge breakthrough in my eating disorder journey.

I’ve learned an entirely new coping technique that seems so unreal it almost feels magical. Tapping really does work and it has helped me not only with the issue I specifically went to Annie to discuss, but also with many other emotional stresses in life. 

Annie’s presence is kind and calming. She seems very centered and focused, and it is very easy to open up to her. Annie holds a peaceful space around her clients and I felt supported and cared for at all times. She is patient, warm, and open.

Yes! I would (and do!) recommend Annie and her EFT Tapping sessions to everyone I know. I think tapping is a powerful, wonderful tool that can really help people. EFT would benefit anyone dealing with stress or anxiety, or trying to recover from a trauma that they can’t seem to move past. 

EFT with Annie is an amazing complement to my cognitive behavioral therapy. I have been in therapy for years, but for the 12 weeks I was seeing Annie, it felt like my therapy was sped up and worked deeper and harder than before.

—Jen Wijnker

“I stopped taking on other people’s wounds.”

“I first saw Annie for couples work to find ways to calm the incredible heightened reactivity during fights and to heal from infidelity. I worked with Annie again to heal from grief after the relationship ended due to another infidelity. 

I now have a more deeply embodied sense of not taking on other people’s wounds, so that they heal themselves. It is a gift to allow people to be in their own empowerment to heal themselves. People need people and support is essential— however, I cannot do the work for others, no matter how difficult or heartbreaking that may be. 

It is a gift to allow others their own choice in healing—even when it doesn’t involve me. I know this already, but had to experience it, embody it, especially to heal trauma and not retraumatize myself. 

Ultimately—although I acknowledge trauma and the impacts of harm and abuse—I am both victim and perpetrator. I am neither victim nor perpetrator. A bit of releasing from the enactments is possible—without spiritual bypassing or detachment. This is held with extreme care and complexity—Never told how someone else should be with this. 

For me to grieve right now, I must also feel joy. There is a way in which my capacity for grief must be acknowledged and developing support and allowance for it to move into other states of being. Grief and joy are inseparable. Full aliveness has joy and loss—due to what may be impermanence, or rather changing forms and cycles.

I am learning how to share my playfulness and imaginative nature. It’s ok to be different and still find belonging. I am learning how to be seen—always as a choice—expanding my capacity to be seen—so that it is a choice. I am a leader. 

I am taking longer pauses to respond in situations that need more intention.

I am replying to my ex less and less and not willing to engage in the cycles he attempts to pull me into. From a place of kindness for him and myself. 

I am planning to show up more fully—even though I’m still not exactly sure what that looks like for me. Taking steps. 

I cleaned out my ex’s closet, which I could not have done so well alone without you and this work. I appreciate you being here for this.  

I most loved your visualizations with inner child work. You are good at guiding this process to be with one’s wounded parts—to help me heal myself. 

I also feel that you were good at keeping me on track while there were many emotions and paths to go down—while still being permissive and client-centered. Essential balance. 

I like that you have a technique, EFT, you’ve clearly mastered. You also have skill to hold space, client-centered yet goal-directed, and a gentle, strong, affirming presence. Your demeanor is perfect for this work.

You are also friendly and share who you are without taking up too much space for the healing work to be done. I appreciate your sense of self in the healing space with others, which I am particularly attuned to one’s capacity to do this. I appreciate you holding this space for me. 

I recommend you to clients and friends.

—Hollie Cole

“I’ve become more accepting of myself.”

I was dealing with depression and wanted to see if EFT could help. I wanted to better manage my emotions and resulting behaviors. 

I now have become more accepting of myself and others, as well as become aware of and began to heal parts of my past that still affect me. 

I’m more aware of how past pain shows up and have a larger capacity to be in my present moment experience, even if it’s painful. This opens up the possibility of healing and making a different choice in the moment. 

Your ability to listen is very powerful and allowed things to come up that I didn’t expect.

Yes, I’d recommend your EFT services to anyone I think would be open to it and if the opportunity arises! Specifically to my youngest sister. I think she’d be open to EFT and would benefit from working with you.” 

—Cassandra Heath

“I became a more confident driver again!”

“I had a car accident and I was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I was really scared whenever a car would approach my car while driving on a motorway.

After just 2 sessions, I realized that I didn’t have this fear anymore and I could relax in these circumstances. I became a more confident driver again!

The deep EFT work also helped me to connect the dots. Basically, I managed to discover other parts of myself, which I initially thought were unrelated to the accident.

I really liked your very professional style. All the calls were professionally prepared and handled. Your calming and peaceful attitude created a safer environment.

I would recommend Annie’s services to anyone who had a trauma, traumatic experience or simply wants to better connect with oneself.”

—Pina Beato