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Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your life or business. Struggling in a relationship. Or healing from your past.

You’re doing everything you can. But things don’t move forward.

I’ve been there.

I’m Annie Moussu, a certified EFT Tapping Master Practitioner and host of the Hush Your Mind podcast.

Depression, perfectionism and codependency have brought me to my knees.

I grew up with an overcritical father and practically lost my identity appeasing him. Needy and insecure, I chased perfection and numbed my pain. All my relationships were toxic.

I sailed into a codependent marriage right after college, which pushed me over the edge and spurred my spiritual awakening.

For the next decade, I devoted myself to restoring my health and soul-searching. My husband and I learned how to overcome our worst fears and love courageously. Slowly but surely, I made peace with myself.

Learn more about me and why I created Hush Your Mind here.

Of course, we don’t become superhuman beings even after many wake-up calls.

We’re all on a lifelong journey.

Though we live in a fear-based society, we can change the world by finding inner peace. Because our personal peace contributes greatly to world peace.

Join me in cultivating peace

Now as a certified EFT Tapping Master Practitioner, I’m passionate about helping you navigate your relationships, so that you speak your truth and come home to yourself.

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With gratitude,

My relationship with my partner has improved. We argue less, and so far, these arguments are less intense. I also catch myself before overcommitting (saying yes when I mean no). I feel more social and want to be engaged more in activities with friends and family and I can be more compassionate and understanding without trying to solve others’ problems. I exude more confidence and joy.” —Vanessa Geis