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Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your life or business. Struggling in a relationship. Or healing from your past.

You’re doing everything you can. But things don’t move forward.

I’ve been there.

I’m Annie Moussu, certified EFT Tapping Master Practitioner and host of the Hush Your Mind Podcast. I help women build confidence, set empowered boundaries and enjoy healthy relationships.

Growing up with an overcritical father led to several codependent relationships, including my tumultuous marriage. My twin flame relationship with my husband Loïc ignited my spiritual awakening. We devoted ourselves for over a decade to healing our trauma and loving courageously.

Our biggest lesson is to embrace who we are. The more we do so, the more we become capable of receiving love—from one another, loved ones and the divine.

Today, we’re grateful that we get to enjoy a healthy, thriving relationship. We’re always together, peeling off more layers and deepening our love for each other. Our soul connection fuels my work in supporting women to feel empowered in their personal relationships.

Behind the scenes, Loïc is my podcast sound engineer, savvy business coach, Zen master and relentless cheerleader!

Originally from southern California and now living in France, I enjoy hip-hop jazz, exploring the woods and cooking with my husband. I’m passionate about helping women navigate their relationships, so that they speak their truth and come home to themselves.

You can learn more about me and why I created Hush Your Mind here. I invite you to check out my private sessions. Or subscribe to my newsletter and podcast.

It’d be a pleasure to connect with you!

With gratitude,

My relationship with my partner has improved. We argue less, and so far, these arguments are less intense. I also catch myself before overcommitting (saying yes when I mean no). I feel more social and want to be engaged more in activities with friends and family and I can be more compassionate and understanding without trying to solve others’ problems. I exude more confidence and joy.” —Vanessa Geis