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Coping With Death and Grief With Jen Wijnker | How do you cope with the death of a loved one? Death doula Jen Wijnker and I explore the taboo topic of death and grief to live more fully in the present.

Several people asked me these questions, which inspired me to revisit my personal reflections on the topic:

“How do you cope with death and grief? How do you deal with the changes after a loved one’s death?”

It may sound morbid, but I’ve deeply contemplated death over the years to make peace with this inevitable fact of life.

I didn’t like how uncomfortable I felt whenever the topic reared its head. I feared not being able to cope with the death of loved ones.

Eventually, I realized how futile it was to avoid the truth and began embracing this mysterious taboo called death. What’s more, we all experience the death of our old identities daily as we keep peeling back more layers.

Reflecting on my mortality has been a liberating exercise that helps me cherish my relationships, connect with love and align with my purpose time and time again.  

I’m so pleased to bring you today’s episode with death educator and grief guide, Jen Wijnker. She shared some amazing wisdom that left me feeling grounded and grateful.

In our enlightening chat, we discussed the following:

  • What’s a death educator and grief guide?
  • Why is it important to talk about death?
  • How does the death of a loved one change us?
  • What are different ways to cope with grief?
  • How to deal with the death of abusive family members?

Jen Wijnker is a death educator, grief guide, pediatric hospice volunteer and animal lover.

Jen has spent 4 years sitting bedside to the dying and considers it an honor every time she is invited to support a family as they navigate one of life’s most difficult times.

She loves to bring art and music to her clients and especially loves using art to help families and children process grief and complex emotions.

Our intention for this conversation is to inspire you to embrace death, dying and grief a little bit more, so that you can truly appreciate the present moment.

Thanks for tuning in.

Connect with Jen via Instagram and TikTok.

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