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Free EFT Session Exchange for Interview

Hush Your Mind

Would you like some free support?

I’m offering free EFT sessions in exchange for a short research interview via Zoom.

I enjoy connecting with other women and learning about who they are and their challenges related to confidence, boundaries and relationships.

These interviews give me new ideas for content and offers. It’s a fun opportunity to connect and support each other.

Read the FAQs or book your session below.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you book your interview/EFT session, you’ll immediately get the Zoom meeting link via email (please check your spam/promotions folders).

Just click on the link at the start of the meeting. We’ll meet for 30 minutes.

I’ll ask you a few questions, like How did you discover me?, for the first 15 minutes. Then, for the last 15 minutes, you’ll receive a mini EFT session.

We'll do 2 to 3 rounds of tapping. You'll walk away feeling calmer and clearer, with a stress relief tool that you can use anytime. (Yes, things can shift that quickly.)

Yes, you can sign up for it, no strings attached. It's optional to join my newsletter. 

This offer isn’t a discovery call, where we discuss my paid services. It's a fun opportunity to connect and support each other. 

If our session inspired you to work with me, we can schedule a free discovery call to make sure we're a good fit.

You just need a good internet connection and a calm space. I'll show you how to tap, if you've never done it before.

Most of the tapping points are on your face, head and hands. The remaining are on your upper body. Sitting at your desk works fine.

Headphones help block out background noise, so that you can focus on the session. Stay hydrated and keep a box of tissues nearby.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping) is a stress relief technique, based on ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

Tapping on certain parts of the body, while focusing on the cause of the stress, calms the mind, reduces anxiety and relieves pain. 

Studies show that tapping reduces cortisol levels (our “stress hormone”). Stress is linked to negative emotions, limiting beliefs and physical ailments. EFT has been proven effective for anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, peak performance and so much more.

EFT activates the relaxation response, which regulates the nervous system and boosts the immune system.

“My free EFT session was great! With one 15-minute tapping session with Annie, I immediately felt more relaxed. My stress level went from a 7 to a 2! Annie was great at explaining the process and made me feel heard and validated. She even followed up with resources based on what we talked about. It was great!” —Gaby Diaz

I was surprised at the emotion that moved through me and how recharged I felt after a short session. Annie’s gentle questioning and guidance was beautiful, and I felt very safe sharing my struggles with her.—Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

This EFT session with Annie gave me a sense of clarity and peace, and the knowing that I am on the right path of my healing journey.” —Elena Portela

“I felt very supported, seen and understood in my session, which helped me feel much more calm and in contact with my body afterwards. Your calmness, sincerity and presence helped me come in contact with this in myself.” —Pauline Salzer

“I found EFT to be very helpful and effective. After years of trauma and trying to fully heal,  EFT is a great way to bring your anxiety level down very quickly. I recommend that everyone tries it at least once. You won’t regret it.

Thank you Annie for the wonderful experience and offering your services to me free of charge. It was absolutely amazing! I appreciate all the help and kindness you gave to me.” —Morgan Jones

“I am new to tapping and found it incredible how I could feel the anxiety move through my body and release, in such a short period of time.

Annie was able to help me unlock the specific cause of why I was feeling anxious, so that we could focus on shifting it. I found it fascinating that when I really had thoughts about it, anxiety could be felt in my body as well as my mind.

It was lovely to work with you, you have a very kind and open nature that makes it feel very safe.” —Elisa Busch

“Annie has such a kind and gentle manner that is very soothing. Her reassuring words of self-approval touched my heart in ways that I forgot that I needed.” —Karen Piret

“My biggest takeaway was that EFT can help change your perspective on an issue—it can help lessen your negative feelings and give you a new way of thinking to deal with them.

Annie is excellent at drilling down on your issue—what’s really bothering you and how it makes you feel. This continues throughout the session, addressing the different feelings that come up as a result.” —Nicole Ojeda

“Annie is very gentle and has an innate ability to hear and feel things that may be hidden to oneself. Then, like a spiritual surgeon she deftly helps you move things through you and helps you integrate your emotions. I highly recommend her to anyone with a beating heart.” —Karin Shimoyama

Working with Annie is more effective than talk therapy because trauma is stored in the body and therefore must be released somatically. I benefited immensely from just 15 minutes. Thank you for your calming presence!” —Vanessa Cohen