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Hush Your Mind: Building a Better Relationship With Yourself

I’m Annie Moussu, a certified EFT Tapping Master Practitioner helping women build confidence, set boundaries and enjoy healthy relationships.

You’ve come a long way.

But perhaps, you still say yes when you mean no. You sacrifice your needs to please others. Conflicts cause you anxiety and it’s hard to speak up for yourself.

I’ve been there. Depression, perfectionism and codependency have brought me to my knees.

If you’re like me, you learned to put others first and to be caring and nurturing at the expense of yourself. You’ve been taught that asking for what you want makes you needy or selfish.

Yet the most important relationship in our life is the one we have with ourselves.

When we build a better relationship with ourselves, we no longer need to seek others’ approval. Our sense of self-worth comes from within, which makes it easier to set empowering boundaries, enjoy healthy relationships and live a fulfilled life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) eases the inner growth process. It’s a proven stress relief modality that clears negative emotions, limiting beliefs and past traumas, so that we can gracefully create a life we love.

Join me in my twice-a-month episodes to learn how to speak your truth and come home to yourself.

The Hush Your Mind podcast is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Free EFT Tapping Session

Would you like some free support to help you ease anxiety about boundaries or relationships?

I’m offering 20- to 30-minute EFT Tapping sessions ($90 USD value) to guests on my podcast. My intention is to support you and, by publicly sharing our session, I hope to educate and inspire my listeners.

The audio and video will be published on my podcast and YouTube channel (you may use a pseudonym). This session video gives you an idea of what to expect.


Your support helps me create free content via my blog articles, podcast and Insight Timer page and offer free EFT sessions, so that more women can empower themselves. Together, we can change the world by learning how to live and love courageously.

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