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How to Embrace Uncertainty in a Chaotic World | We live in a chaotic world with an unpredictable future. It can demoralize the best of us. Learn how to embrace uncertainty to find peace of mind.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

As spiritual seekers, we’re bound to take at least one: shed our fears and live in the present.

We may not know how to embrace uncertainty. But soon, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new understanding about us or the world. 

We gaze down from the cliff edge—the dark waves bash against the seaside. We look behind us toward the familiar—comforting yet unfulfilling. 

Either way, it looks like we’re going to die. (At least our ego thinks so.) 

And despite the risks, we throw ourselves into the void. Because we know it’s impossible to fall back on our old identity.

We must do this now more than ever. We live in a chaotic world with an uncertain future. It’s enough to demoralize the best of us.

Our confusion has its place. And at the same time, we have the resilience and courage to help us move forward—together.

May these tips for embracing uncertainty inspire you. 

One step at a time

In my darkest moments, I could only take one step at a time.

My weekly stroll through the nearby woods became the perfect opportunity to ground myself.

The towering pine trees sent a sigh of relief down to my feet. My worries seemed to drift away, as the sky disappeared behind the pointy tops. 

I delighted in the crunching noise of my boots on the dirt path. When I inhaled, I counted my steps: 1, 2. On the exhale: 1, 2, 3

My breath naturally deepened and a sense of calm enveloped me.

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh encourages us to practice walking mindfully. We can do it anytime and anywhere. Since the mind and body are interrelated, focusing on each step helps us center ourselves.

For many of us, it may be difficult at first because we usually walk to get somewhere. This meditation shifts our attention to what is certain right now—the present moment.  

How to Embrace Uncertainty in a Chaotic World | We live in a chaotic world with an unpredictable future. It can demoralize the best of us. Learn how to embrace uncertainty to find peace of mind.

Though much of life seems uncontrollable, we always have a choice about our reactions. 

We can acknowledge the feelings of anxiety, discomfort and grief, instead of pushing them away. Making room for nagging thoughts eventually helps dissipate them.

You can also do EFT Tapping to calm your emotions in just a few minutes. Studies show that EFT decreases cortisol levels (our “stress hormone”) and increases serotonin levels (our “happy hormone”).

In this blog article, you get to learn the basic steps and clear some resistance around an issue. Plus, it’s a tool that you can use anytime.

We’re spiritual beings before anything else

It’s sometimes hard to believe, much less embody.

A part of us might deny our divine selves, especially when life throws one hardship after another. We lose hope and feelings of powerlessness overwhelm us.

It doesn’t matter if spiritual texts say, Embrace uncertainty because it’s a fact of life. Step into your power! Easier said than done.

If it’s too much to ask, we can simply focus on the task at hand. We can make sure to get a few things done each day, so that we have some sort of direction—a loose compass towards our deepest desires.

Taking care of ourselves in small ways makes a big difference. Like making a brilliant red rooibos tea. Taking a walk. Or doing some gentle stretches.

How to Embrace Uncertainty in a Chaotic World | We live in a chaotic world with an unpredictable future. It can demoralize the best of us. Learn how to embrace uncertainty to find peace of mind.

Being kind to ourselves helps us learn how to accept who we are, in all of our beautiful messiness. 

Our humanness will always fear change, as a way to protect us. And our divinity will always ask us to look beyond fear.

Once we cultivate compassion for ourselves, we can more easily extend it to others. Since we intimately know our own shadow, we can better understand the tremendous pain that drives our enemies.

This inner work demands courage and perseverance. Heal what you can and get help for the rest. Because on the other side of our fear and wounds, there’s also peace, joy and love.

Our most vulnerable selves reside at the core of each of us. 

If we could love that part of us unconditionally—or as much as possible—we’d eventually see the blessings in disguise.

We’d honor our suffering and acknowledge its purpose in our spiritual evolution.

And we’d rest easy knowing that the universe has been supporting us all along.

Welcoming our fragility

As challenging as it may be, let’s lower our guard a tiny bit. (Or take a giant leap of faith!)

We can slowly learn how to embrace uncertainty. There’s no rush.

When we stop shielding ourselves from our fragility, we get to taste the sweetness of freedom.

Then, as we live one unpredictable day after another, we can find grace—and help others find it too—amidst our chaotic world.

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