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I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Wellness Coach and Yoga Facilitator Andrea Catherine on her podcast, Fearless Self-Love.

Andrea and I discuss how our personal explorations with Ayurveda and EFT, respectively, have helped us develop habits of self-love and move us toward an abundance mindset.

Along the way, we also talked about:

  • What EFT Tapping is and how to use it to shift from a scarcity to abundance mindset
  • How Ayurveda and EFT help us stay balanced and grounded
  • The unconscious blocks and trauma that locked my scarcity mindset in place
  • Why it’s essential to remember that our roles don’t define us
  • How self-care is the foundation for abundance
  • Simple tips to get started on your own path to abundance

Listen to the podcast here. Or watch the conversation:

Find Andrea at her website or Instagram.


Hello and welcome back to season 5 of the Fearless Self-Love podcast! I’m Andrea and glad to be here with you today.

As you know, this season is a little more laid back. It’s just focused on the interview, giving you a chance to check in, listen, gain some insight for yourself and move on with the rest of your day. We all have a lot that we’re taking in these days.

I know that’s a generalization and in my experience, the folks that I’ve been in contact with have felt like there is just a lot going on. There’s so much happening around our world that we are more aware of these days.

And if you’re a highly sensitive person like me, you might be finding that sometimes there’s a little too much to take in, to keep up with. So my hope is this interview is nourishing to you.

I have time today with Annie Moussu, who’s a certified EFT Tapping Master Practitioner who helps people overcome blocks to confidence, success and healthy relationships.

She’s a first-generation Vietnamese-American, living in western France. Her struggles with low self-esteem, perfectionism and toxic relationships spurred her healing process and spiritual awakening.

Now as an EFT Master Practitioner, Annie is passionate about helping others navigate their mind, heart, body and soul to create a better world.

Our conversation nourished us both and I hope it nourishes you as well. Enjoy.

Before we get started, I want to share with you about an organization I find really uplifting. I first came across it on Instagram and then again on Patreon through someone I follow, Wolf Medicine Magic, a fellow Ayurveda and yoga practitioner and colleague and friend.

This program is called Miles for Migrants and the reason I’m sharing about it today—this is not a sponsorship or an ad—is because my heart has been feeling whatever sense of pain and heartache I can feel in my privilege in America around what’s happening for Afghans right now.

I’ve spent time imagining what it might be like to flee my country, to not have a choice, to not feel safe where I live to the extent that I must leave. This program is about creating the opportunity for migrants to have access to a flight.

Miles for Migrants uses donated frequent flyer miles, credit card points and cash to help people impacted by war, persecution or disaster to reunite with loved ones and start new beginnings in safe homes.

This is a way we can use our privilege to actually make a huge difference in someone’s life. If you are interested in checking out Miles for Migrants, visit

Welcome, everyone, listening and watching. I’m Andrea Catherine of Fearless Self-Love podcast and today I’m having a conversation with a new friend and colleague, Annie Moussu.

She is with us from across the world. We are in completely different parts of the globe these days. Annie is in Australia—I’m sorry, Annie’s in France! I apologize. I just got really mixed up with several different things. For those of you watching, you can see me blushing.

Anyway, Annie and I are connecting around the topics of abundance and self-love. We come from different modalities in the wellness world and are showing up here to see the ways that there is so much synergy between EFT and Ayurveda and also the individual self-love journey and the journey as an entrepreneur that we all have.

Annie and I connected through George Kao‘s work. I will link his work in the show notes. Welcome, Annie. I apologize for saying that you were from the wrong country!

Annie: No problem at all! Thank you for having me, Andrea! It’s a pleasure.

Andrea: You’re so welcome. Glad to have you here.

That’s just a little taste of what can happen this time of year in the summer when things are starting to get busy and pick up. We can get a bit overwhelmed and confused and mixed up about things. And if you’re feeling that too, know that you’re not alone.

I’m curious, Annie, if you would start… because I don’t think anyone who’s been on the show has been an EFT Practitioner, if you could tell us a little more about Emotional Freedom Techniques and what it means and how we can access it.

Annie: Yes, so Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT or tapping, was created in the 90s by Gary Craig, an engineer. He was inspired by Thought Field Therapy, which is inspired by acupuncture.

So we just tap on a few meridian points on the body and the face while we say a certain phrase, really simple. It basically signals to our brain that the stress response shouldn’t be here anymore. For example, if you want to get up on stage and feel the butterflies in your stomach. We can use EFT to relax and get into the relaxation response right away.

So it’s just a really powerful stress relief technique. And it’s effective and has been proven to bring down our cortisol levels, which is our stress hormone, by 43% in just one hour in a group setting, compared to 19% with a therapist.

There are many studies, a growing number of studies, that show how effective it can be to help people recover from PTSD, phobias, performance, anything, weight loss—I mean, you can use it on everything. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues, everything.

It’s just the most powerful tool I’ve ever come across and has helped me boost my healing process, where my other practices could not take me.

Andrea: Thank you so much. It’s so powerful when we find the thing that’s been the most transformative. As you were talking, I was remembering a recent meditation and talk that I participated in on Insight Timer and I’ll link to that in the show notes as well.

It was a group setting and it was little bits of EFT here and there. But I remember I moved from a level 5 intensity of what I was feeling down to a 3. It was subtle, but it was noticeable. I was surprised in some ways by that and just this opportunity to connect with myself, to reframe my thinking.

I’ve been thinking about this as I was getting ready this morning about the power of EFT when we’re attached to an idea, a specific idea. I’m hoping that you can share a little more about that at some point. Is it a tool that can help us to be a little bit more spacious and open-minded around our attachments?

Because when we get into that mental loop about whatever it is we’re struggling with, it can be really hard to break free from that, whether that’s a minor stressful situation at work or it’s more of a belief system we carry with us. So that’s something I was curious about this morning when I was getting ready to meet with you.

Annie: Do you have an example? I like to work with examples.

Andrea: Sure. Since we’re talking about scarcity and abundance, I’m thinking about this idea that I still struggle with is that in order to have a successful business, I have to compromise my values. And I have to do things marketing-wise that I don’t want to do or sell my products for much more expensive than its worth or only appel to people who have acertain amount of money or resources. And I don’t want to do that.

So then the belief becomes, well, I’m never going to have enough money to live on because I’m not willing to do those things. Does that work as an example?

Annie: Oh yes, totally! I’d say right away, tap on what you just said. That’s the magic of EFT is that you can just use your words. That will take the edge off of whatever you’re going through, so that you can relax and feel more abundance and spacious to do what you need to do next.

But the deeper level behind that issue would be scarcity mindset. Maybe there’s financial trauma around that, there’s a fear of not being able to make it unless you do these things that go against your values.

EFT is all about undoing those limiting beliefs because you don’t have to—I can already tell you—you don’t have to give up the values that are important to you to have a successful business.

What I found in my experience, and I’m still learning, but I’m just amazed at how tapping can help me heal the parts of me that I think I need to do these things. Or I need to hustle. I need to work hard to have a successful business.

I’m finding nowadays that business can be easy and flow naturally. But only if I heal those parts of me that have struggled for all my life.

As a recovering overachiever and recovering perfectionist, I went through years of consuming all the business tips, all the free info, and then hopping into programs and hoping that the strategy that was suggested would be the key to finding new clients.

And I can pretty much say now that the strategy isn’t the big picture. It’s the confidence. It’s healing from financial trauma and lack of confidence that makes us believe that we have to do these things or be a certain way to succeed.

Andrea: Are you open to sharing a little bit about your personal story with that transition for yourself and how it has influenced how you show up for others?

Annie: Yeah, definitely. I got into EFT much further down my healing path. I had done so much inner work about lack of confidence, my daddy issues. I have a codependent family pattern that I’ve had to devote a decade to healing and I’m still healing.

But I can pretty much say that the worst is over and and I’m really enjoying the fruits of my work now. But that was linked to scarcity, the lack of money, the lack of belief in myself and my own skills.

So I jumped onto a coaching program that was generously offered for pay what you can. And thanks to that program, I experienced the power of EFT.

We were tapping on things like self-worth and trusting yourself. We were going into the events, the trauma, where I lost trust in myself. Or I couldn’t trust my intuition. Things had failed so many times in the past. Why would it be different now?

I was just so stuck in that survival mindset. I could not get out of it, despite the mindfulness practices the self-inquiry practices. I was very well aware of my problem, my issues, and where they came from.

But I don’t know, nothing shifted. My energy stayed the same. Not more money was coming in than usual.

I was just stunned, several days later after tapping on stuff like self-worth in this group setting, and then money would come in from unexpected sources. And I knew that there was something here. EFT was just so effective and quick and powerful. I wish I would’ve discovered it years ago!

It’s been a long journey. Now I’m using it to overcome my success blocks, my own fears of being visible and putting myself out there and believing in myself.

But now that I work with clients and see the results that they’re getting and the results that I’m getting in just a few days sometimes. I see things pop up. Money comes in. And it’s all legal! Money is coming in different “miraculous” ways, things I would’ve never imagined would be possible years ago.

I grew up with a poverty mindset, scarcity mindset. And I even was proud of that, of struggling. And now I’m just so grateful to be on the other side. And I know now that it’s possible. That anything is possible. We just have to release all that long-term stress from our bodies.

Andrea: Thank you. I appreciate hearing what you have to say. We set this up as a joint interview, back and forth, and I just feel myself wanting to keep going into what you have to say. Maybe we’ll have to do that in the future. Because I have lots of questions.

But I’m curious for people who are listening or watching who don’t know anything about tapping, I know they can research it, but when you say you’re tapping on self-worth, what does that mean? How do you tap on self-worth? Where is self-worth? Can you give a little micro demonstration or explanation of what you mean? What are you actually tapping?

Annie: Yeah, we start on the Karate Chop point. It’s on the side of the hand, that fleshy side of the hand. I just use 3 or 4 fingers and I’d just use your words first. “Even though I feel like I have to sacrifice my values and do all these marketing things I don’t want to do, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Say that 3 times.

And then you’d tap on the different points. I can give you a [blog article and] pdf with that. That will bring down the intensity for that initial surface part.

Pay attention to what comes up next. What emotions are you feeling? What thoughts are coming up next? If you’re too much in your head, you can go into your body and just tap on, “Even though I feel this tension in my throat right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Self-worth is such a huge topic. That’s when I’d ideally work with someone one-to-one and discover the roots behind that because that could be linked to something completely different.

For example, my money issue? I did not think it was linked to my daddy issues. But it was because my dad was the breadwinner. I came from a traditional family where the Asian woman was submissive. She didn’t make the money. And my dad brought in all the money and he had all the control in the household.

So when I was healing that part of me, I realized that unconsciously, there’s a part of me that adheres to that belief still, even though my feminist self was like, “No way that’s possible!” I had promised myself I’d never be like my parents.

But on an unconscious level in our bodies where all that is stored, and that trauma, it was still very true. And until I tapped that away, it was going to be a struggle and a hustle, always long and hard work, to make money. And that was only one aspect of it.

There are roots, there could be hundreds of roots behind it. Since my ancestors worked so hard and suffered so much, my dad came from a very poor family in Vietnam, I felt guilty that I had an easier life, for example. So that could be self-worth: “I don’t deserve to have an easier life because my ancestors struggled so much.”

So there’s a part of us that’s unconscious that wants to stay loyal to our families, even though for us rebels, that doesn’t make any sense. But it’s all unconscious. I hated admitting that to myself, oh my goodness!

Andrea: Thank you for opening up in that way, Annie. I think a lot of people can relate. I can relate to different pieces in the story and some of them are completely different than my story. Some of the impacts like financial gain only comes from long and hard work and deep deep deep sacrifice. That’s what I saw my family do. I hear you. I could go into it more.

I’m curious if it took just that one tapping session to move on?

Annie: Oh no. No, no. Something like this would take 12 sessions, right away. If someone came to me with this issue, it’s a longer package because it’s been there for so long and there are many, many roots.

I definitely encourage self-healing, except when you work with trauma. You just have to be careful about what you tap on. I recommend working with a practitioner if you’re tapping on trauma. Otherwise, that’s another beautiful aspect of EFT is that you can do it on your own. You can start to remove all the layers and release these things that have been there for so long.

Andrea: Thank you so much for sharing, giving us a little taste. I appreciate it.

Annie: I’m curious how Ayurveda has helped you overcome or work through these scarcity blocks too.

Andrea: Yeah, it’s interesting because for me the Ayurveda path has been super transformative in terms of my physical body, self-image, my sense of self-care and my sense of self-worth.

And I’m still working on this financial piece, like there’s little pieces that it has supported, but for the most part when I look back at how Ayurveda has transformed my self-perspective and self-love, it’s really profound. Wow, I actually love my body. And it’s not like I just look in the mirror and say, “I look amazing”. That’s not what I mean, though sometimes I feel that way.

But usually it’s more like I’m actively loving my body. I’m making choices that serve me. And I’m not really worried about how it impacts someone else.

I go to bed pretty darn early these days. I say no to a lot of things that I love where there’s a huge “but” that goes along with it. Like, I feel terrible the next day… So being more confident and being able to advocate for this vessel that I’m in because how my skin feels, how my digestive system is, my ability to see clearly, to feel rested—All these things impact how I show up for my own healing, for own self-awareness and growth, but also for my friendships and partnerships, for my family, to be able to be an advocate for social change and our community and our world.

These things depend on how I care for this physical form. And so that’s been the most profound piece is recognizing I don’t have to sacrifice my needs to fit in or to be liked or to fit a certain mold.

In some ways, Annie, that’s actually pushed up against what our culture says what we need to do to have what we need financially. Because I’m not willing to do certain things. I’m not willing to work late into the night most nights.

I heard a podcast the other day about business leaders talking about the number one thing that they recommend to new entrepreneurs and one was like, “Make your to-do list and don’t go to sleep until it’s done”. I’m not willing to do that. And this is where values push up against each other.

And so Ayurveda has been reminding me that multiple things can be true at once. Ayurveda sees that each human, each person, each animal, each living thing is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

So in my own experience, I can be self-loving, I can be self-doubting, I can feel the abundance of nature and community and love and deep intimacy in my friendships and vulnerability, and also feel the scarcity and the insecurity of my finances. Or the safety of being a queer person in a really conservative place. All of these things can co-exist.

And they’re evidence that I’m a microcosm of the macrocosm because if we look at our world, we have war and we have peace, and all of the things in between at one time. We have love and acceptance and hate in the same community. I think that’s the bigger vision.

Ayurveda blew my perspective of my own spiritual approach, which changed a lot. I didn’t realize that, for anyone who’s Christian who’s listening to this or grew up Christian, I had God in this little tiny box. And I didn’t think I did. I really didn’t think I did because I’ve always been a much more politically progressive person and grew up a variety of ways of looking at things.

So I was surprised how limited my view was and how much more there was to gain in terms of understanding our interconnectedness. And that continues to astound me.

The deeper I go with my own practice, the more I feel more connected to the horsefly that’s trying to bite me while I’m on the river! It’s really interesting. Just noticing how all of us are working to have our needs met and how they conflict and we can hold both love and fear in the same hand.

For me, Ayurveda has really opened that perspective for me. It feels like the truth underneath all the other things.

And the last piece of that I guess I’ll say right now is that this morning, no one showed up for my yoga class. It was really cold. It was supposed to rain. It was an outdoor class. It was the last class the summer. So I did my own practice.

At the end, I was looking at the gray clouds and was inviting healing around a few things in my life and it was like an instant answer: “Those are all on the surface.”

And they’re big things like my career, my intimate relationship, big questions, and it was like the universe said, “Put those over here. You are this silver light being. That’s who you are.”

I was like, “Okay. So now what? What do I do with these questions?”

“Nothing, just lie here.”


And it was just a reminder of how all of the things that move through our minds, and it’s not like they’re not real or that they don’t exist, but they can take us away from the truth of ourselves.

So my Ayurveda journey at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda was really a step into that, much deeper than my initial yoga training. It was many, many more hours and I had that baseline. But I think that’s what it really invited me to do is to connect with the spiritual essence of myself and others.

Annie: Yeah, oh my goodness, thank you so much. That’s so beautiful. Wow, so much to say.

I think yes, on my own path, I had come to many points, where I needed to see who I am beyond these labels—I was going to say it in French, “étiquettes”. These labels and roles that I play. Because that is the foundation for the rest.

And it’s hard when we’re so immersed in this world with all of our responsibilities. But time and time again, life has shown me, “You need to be clear about who you are. You’re safe and you are worthy, despite anything that’s happening on the outside.”

I know that’s not easy. I struggled with that for so long. And I never thought it’d be possible to feel safe in a world where there is so many negative things going on.

I recognize my privilege and at the same time, I believe in the power of EFT and how it can help us heal the trauma that makes us feel more unsafe in this world. We can feel safer, we can feel better in our own skin.

And I totally agree with you that taking care of ourselves is the first step, the minimum, I’d say.

That was the first step on my healing path, health issues. I realized that if I don’t take care of my body, I can’t do anything else well. I can’t be a good partner, a good daughter. I can’t do anything well if my body’s not well. That’s just the minimum.

With time, I saw how accepting my body and honoring its needs make me spacious and abundant enough to accept the dual emotions like you said. The love and the hate. The fear. Honor both.

With time, it’s about accepting that balance between all of it. Nature teaches us that and Ayurveda teaches us that. If we’re constantly swinging from left to right, or yin and yang, we’re in “trouble”. In the greater scheme of things, we’re constantly learning and evolving. So I don’t believe we’re doomed.

But we’d gain wisdom in seeing where we’re swinging from one side to the other too much. And our bodies are really good at showing us that!

Andrea: That’s so true. And we can feel, as you were saying, in one moment remember that we’re this silver light being and another moment be in panic. And that’s a part of life.

And what you’re saying is that if we’re going from one end to the other really fast, that’s when we can feel really disoriented and ungrounded, right? Or we’re just staying in that scarcity panic space. It doesn’t determine our divinity.

But it is a cue that maybe something needs to shift. I’m curious, for you, what helped you let go of the scarcity mindset in terms of your self-love practices and EFT? How did you move in that direction?

Annie: It definitely goes back to first taking care of the body. When I first started out, it was health issues, digestion issues. And then realizing I need to eat more fruits and veggies, so I made it a priority to have at least the 5 fruits and veggies per day. That’s the minimum.

I start off the day with warm water and lemon. That’s essential. Yes, I see your mug!

I know in Ayurveda digestion is one of the most important things, right? So I totally adhere to that. I saw it for myself. I’ve always struggled with digestion as a child and as an adult, I learned how to regulate that. I feel so much better in my body.

Of course, when you start out, you often try different diets. So I ate vegan, I ate raw. My mom is a semi-vegetarian, so I included more vegetarian meals. That was the first level of detox that my body needed.

Further on, it was out of necessity that I had to heal parts of me that were aching to heal because my husband and I had a long history of codependency. We both grew up with codependent families.

So there were times when we were getting into arguments every single day. And they were violent disputes. It was hacking at my well-being, day after day after day. It was hellish.

I think I unconsciously asked the universe, “Show me how to heal. Show me what to do.” I realized that every single conflict could be turned into an opportunity to highlight what I needed to heal, what my husband needed to heal.

We would little by little over the years. Every time we’d argue and calm down—I didn’t have EFT at the time unfortunately—so it took hours sometimes to get down from that fight-or-flight reaction.

Whereas now, if that happens, I can tap right away and I can find that calm right away and think more clearly and find better solutions than to say mean things or something.

This relationship showed me what I needed to heal and it was a fast track to spiritual healing, physical healing.

Because if I didn’t take into consideration what he needed and what I needed, and we didn’t realize that those were childhood wounds that were coming up to the surface, then the next day, it’d start all over again.

So for better or worse, that’s how I supercharged my healing process. I decided to see every conflict, every trigger as a healing opportunity.

And then much later on, I learned about EFT and then I was working at the time on my financial issues and realized that the two were linked.

Now I’m tapping most days of the week, an hour a day, and I work with clients. People say in the business world that you attract the clients you need to highlight what you need to work on. My clients teach me so much about what I need to heal too. And it’s just an ongoing, beautiful, evolving work until who knows when.

Andrea: Thank you, Annie. I’m really touched by your vulnerability and willingness to share and your also your story because I can relate. If anyone is watching, I’m like nodding the whole time because I can relate to that dynamic.

In my marriage, I was divorced several years ago and even now the partnership that I’m in, having these opportunities to recognize and see what’s happening as a mirror. I think that what has kept me from continuing to work on myself… A lot of what people say and do is, “This is too hard. You both didn’t enter into this relationship perfectly, so you might as well just go separate ways.”

I’m in a deep dive at the moment of really looking at what happens for me when the bottom falls out and I go into a state of panic, whether that leads to a panic attack or it leads to an anxiety state and it leads to a lot of blame. Blaming myself, blaming others.

It’s a really devastating place, so I hear the pieces of your story that are in tune with that and feel really grateful to hear that you’ve had some healing from that in the ways that you’ve been able to navigate that.

We all are in a continual state of growth, whether we know it or not. We’re always taking in information and learning and adapting from it and I’m sure that we still have a lot to learn in our lives. I appreciate that picture of the journey. It’s not always straightforward or quick.

Annie: No, no, it isn’t. I do believe in divine timing, even though it might sound weird to some people. There were just so many moments when I said to myself, “I want to heal this, no matter what. I want to heal as fast as possible,” because I was so much in that scarcity mindset. Lack of love, money, everything, confidence. It was so much desperation and hopelessness.

So there’s a time for everything. That’s why I’m so passionate about EFT because I now realize how much quicker it can go, thanks to this technique, releasing the trauma, releasing the pain that upholds the conflicts and the lack of confidence.

It doesn’t have to take years. Our body is capable of amazing healing that we just need to tap into, literally. We have our fingertips that can make that healing happen.

And it can be a lot easier than people make it seem to be and of course a lot simpler than industries and our society, businesses that are greedy that want us to believe otherwise. That wisdom is within. Now we have this tool to release that stress and pain.

Andrea: And I’m guessing that EFT can be adapted and made accessible to people of all physical abilities. So if you’re not able to put your hands in that way, there are other ways to access the points. Are they connected with energy points in any of the traditional medicine systems?

Annie: Oh yeah, definitely.

Andrea: I’m remembering all my acupuncture moments.

Annie: You’ve studied a little bit of Traditional Chinese Medicine, right?

Andrea: Just a little through Scott Blossom.

Annie: Each meridian point that we tap on is linked to an organ, linked to a certain emotion. It’s basic stuff, like our liver is connected to anger. All of that was really strange when I stumbled upon it, but little by little I did my own experiments and I realized, “Oh wow, this is true for me. I’m going to keep going and see what happens.”

There’s definitely ways to adapt EFT to all bodies. Even if you tap—this is a really strange thing, you can even tap above the point. There’s one on top of your head, you can just tap above it, without touching it. In quantum mechanics, studies are showing now that that’s how energy medicine works. So it’s going to be less and less odd to see this kind of stuff with time.

Andrea: Thank you. I’m just noticing the timing and wanting to give people their time and energy back, wherever you are listening. I also encourage you to stay in touch and reach out to Annie if you want to learn more about EFT. Reach out to me if you want to learn more about Ayurveda. What’s a tip that you want to leave people with?

Annie: I think beyond the ones that we already mentioned, I definitely recommend spending time in nature, even if it’s just caring for a plant at home. The levels of stress just radically go down where you’re in nature, when you’re interacting with a plant.

Eating mindfully… When you sit down and eat, pay attention to all the tastes, all the sensations that are going through.

Just take a few seconds to recognize that it took the sun and the water and the wind, all the elements and the people. Imagine the people working in the fields and how it got to your plate.

My husband and I really like to cook together. He chops the vegetables. He’s very mindful about putting the love into it and paying attention to how to cut the zucchini: “How do I want to cut it today?” He just follows his intuition and cuts in half moons or some other day, it’ll be something else. It just always tastes so good when it’s made with love.

Basic stuff like that, get enough water, get enough sleep. I usually recommend to people to tap a little bit everyday. So it could be a morning ritual or a bedtime ritual.

You can just start tapping on the side of the hand. If you have no time, just 2 minutes, tapping on the side of the hand. You don’t even have to say any words and you’ll still be sending the signal to your body that you’re safe, you’re abundant. It starts signaling to the body to relax right away.

Andrea: Awesome, beautiful. I love that. I’m going to start doing the tapping part and I’m eager to connect more with your resources. My tapping experience is so minimal and introductory, so I’m really curious.

My recommendations would be really similar. And you’ve kind of recapped the course that I offer, “At Home In Your Body”, in some ways.

Remembering that you’re a part of nature. Whatever it takes to do that, I love that you said that. Observing the animals and even the plants… we have sunflowers in our garden and observing the way they move with the sun.

Seeing opportunities to remember that you’re connected to all of these different things by way of being part of creation, nature and the animal kingdom.

My tip would be to, even if it’s one minute, to pause in your day and notice something that something is just is. You haven’t created it. You haven’t determined it. Maybe it’s your breath coming in and out. Maybe it’s the water. Maybe it’s the air. One of the natural elements. Just noticing that it exists without your control.

This helps me to surrender and not feel like I’m going to fall through the hole unless I control everything, which is a hard thing to admit. But there are times when things feel that way.

So if I can go out in the morning with my hot water and feel the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the wind, that helps me to settle, even if I don’t have the thought process of shifting the energy that I think I have in my mind. Something happens in my body, just by observing.

Annie: Wonderful. I love the simplicity of it. It’s all it takes to zoom in on ourselves, centering ourselves.

Andrea: Where can people find you, Annie?

They can find me at And my Instagram is @hush.yourmind. It’d be a pleasure.

Andrea: Yeah! I’ll link those in the show notes. It’s been a pleasure to talk with you. I’m really grateful to be connected across the sea.

Annie: Thank you! I’ll definitely talk to my clients who are interested in Ayurveda about you. I definitely think that this is essential. It’s the foundation for everything else.

Andrea: Thank you and likewise. My clients who are wanting to go deeper and break through some of their own mental barriers, it’d be lovely to have you come and speak as well. So I’ll stay in touch.

Annie: It’d be a pleasure. Thank you so much.

Andrea: Well, there you have it! This conversation with Annie really inspired me and you know what? Annie is one of those practitioners who follows up on things.

She reached out to me just recently to say, “Hey, have you tapped on that thing you and I chatted about after the interview?” And it was a sweet reminder.

I’ve been a little bit more busy than normal with some big things moving in my life and I had some time today with Annie’s reminder to tap into her pdf (pun intended) that you can access for free at the link in the show notes.

I was able to practice this technique with some mindset that I’m still working through around scarcity. After that tapping session that I did with myself at my kitchen counter, I went on a walk with someone who had a potential job opportunity for me. I wasn’t sure if it was a good fit, but I went anyway.

I had a good conversation and I noticed that I was just so aware of every time my scarcity mind was trying to run the conversation and several times I heard inside my head, “And I love you completely.”

This was really powerful because these were the words that I was ending my tapping with. They were coming to me. “Yes, you’re in scarcity right now and I love myself completely.” Okay, that was interesting.

It freed me up in a way. It detached me from going into judgment, about still struggling with my scarcity mindset. Or trying to go back and change what I said. It just brought me back to present. This was powerful for me.

So I encourage you to check out her tools, all of her links in the show notes. If you want to connect with me, you can find me at Grounded Here on Facebook and Instagram or email me at

Looking forward to staying in touch. Take care.