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Overcoming the Fear of Being Seen: EFT Tapping Demo | Learn how to overcome the fear of being seen in this EFT Tapping demo session, so that you can connect and share your gifts with others.

Many of us struggle with being visible.

We may have learned long ago that it wasn’t safe to speak up, share our perspective or get our needs met.

In our business or career, becoming visible could help us reach more people and share our gifts more widely. We each have a special contribution to make to this world.

Our fears and doubts often keep us stuck in our comfort zones.

Yet a part of us yearns to be seen. It’s human.

We all yearn to be valued and appreciated. To connect with others deeply. And to feel at home within ourselves, no matter where we tread.

For the first time ever, I’ve invited a guest, Christina, on my podcast for a live EFT Tapping session to overcome the fear of being seen.

In this session, we identify and release the different fears associated with visibility:

  • losing control
  • worrying about what others think
  • inability to connect with others

Wait until the end for Christina’s empowering breakthrough! And feel free to tap along with us.

Without further ado, here’s our session:

Thank you for joining us in this EFT session! I hope it was valuable and insightful.

Would you like some free support to help you ease anxiety about boundaries or relationships?

I’m offering 20- to 30-minute EFT Tapping sessions ($90 USD value) to guests on my podcast, Hush Your Mind.

My intention is to support you and, by publicly sharing our session, I hope to educate and inspire my listeners.

The audio and video will be published on my podcast and YouTube channel (you may use a pseudonym).

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