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5 Reasons to Work With an EFT Practitioner | I tried to do EFT Tapping on my own at first. But I quickly realized the limits of self-healing. Here are 5 reasons to work with an EFT Practitioner.

Do you like to do everything yourself? 

As a stubborn Taurus, I certainly like to figure things out on my own.

I learned how to bake sourdough bread through countless experiments. When I chose to live in France, I cooped myself up in my room to master French.

The same applied to spiritual matters. I read, meditated and contemplated all the time. 

I prided myself on my strength and autonomy.  

But the need to succeed alone also kept me from seeking help. So my old scarcity mindset dragged on for years. 

My ego grumbled, You don’t need anyone! Don’t be weak, get back up! At the same time, self-doubt nagged at me and my pain deepened.

EFT Tapping helped me make significant progress. Of course, I tried to heal on my own at first. But I quickly realized my limits.

That was humbling, for sure!

Here are 5 reasons to work with an EFT Practitioner (gleaned from my personal experience)…

1) You struggle with negative thoughts

One of my biggest challenges on the inner growth journey was the constant barrage of negative thoughts.

Everyday, I woke up in an anxious flurry, my to-do list at the forefront of my mind. 

My husband Loïc would notice the tension that followed me everywhere. And since we had horrible boundaries at the time, that tension sometimes exploded into fights.

With glazed over eyes, I ruminated on should haves, what ifs and bothersome memories. I projected my fears into the future.

And even if I had accepted a part of my past, I still felt upset with the person.

Meditation, yoga and Reiki calmed my negative thoughts, but only for a while. Positive affirmations? My mind declared a rebellion.

Eventually, I experienced the customized, deep energy healing that I needed. An EFT Practitioner helped me unearth the root cause and release the trauma that fed my inner critic.


2) You can’t let go of an old issue

Mental exercises (like gratitude journals) and willpower can only go so far.

These things are valuable, but I found that a lot more is going on underneath the surface.

The unconscious mind dictates most of what we think, feel and do. That means that even if we want to improve our lives, we could unconsciously sabotage our efforts.

For example, I used to hold a belief that having money implied too many responsibilities. Fears around money kept my bank account at zero, even though I desperately wanted to manifest more money.

Not much changed, no matter how many visualizations, abundance meditations and vision boards I did.

Super frustrating, to say the least.

Fortunately, an EFT Practitioner helped me see my blind spots. I thought I knew the ins and outs of my issue. But there were numerous aspects that I hadn’t considered.

I was holding onto the issue too tightly. That’s why my figure drawing professor always reminded us to step back from our easels. 

We all could use another perspective.  

The EFT Practitioner skillfully asked me powerful questions to discover my blocks. Then, the guided tapping process addressed every aspect of my issue and cleared the resistance.

3) You want someone to hold your hand

I love that anyone can do EFT on their own. What a self-empowering tool!

EFT Practitioners often suggest that you do basic tapping everyday, while you follow their healing program. I encourage others to follow their intuition and carve their own path.

But it can be hard to figure out the right phrases to tap on—apart from Even though I have this issue, I accept and love myself. The right phrases can lead to major breakthroughs.

Even if you know what to say, you might prefer to have someone else guide you, so that you can fully lean into the session.

Practitioners use specific techniques to handle certain issues too. When you use EFT to heal trauma, for example, you may not know how to manage heavy emotions and retraumatize yourself. (And I’m not just saying that to scare you.)   

Some issues can terrify and overwhelm us. Grief, fear and anger can feel too painful to acknowledge on our own. 

There’s no shame in wanting support.

4) You don’t want to lose more time and energy

One of my spiritual practices is contemplating death.

I don’t do anything special. It’s a simple habit of acknowledging the present. I remind myself that this could be my last meal, my last kiss, my last moment.

This seemingly horrific practice has helped me put everything into perspective.

When I understand the limits of my time and energy, I want to embrace every single day. (That said, this mindset did cause more anxiety in the beginning, but I eventually found a middle ground.)

No, I don’t want to waste more resources to figure out why I’m not living my dream life. I want to feel better and get on with it!

I’m so glad that my stubbornness yielded because working with an EFT Practitioner accelerated my progress. Lifelong issues that seemed impossible to heal finally gave way.

Now I can rest easy knowing that the toughest part is behind me.

5) You can’t seem to do what’s best for you

One of my readers recently asked me, How can I love myself enough to do what’s best for me?

Her message broke my heart.

She wondered why she couldn’t stop worrying about others and take care of herself. Despite her best efforts, something was keeping her from moving on. 

This scenario happens more often than we might realize.

Many of us learned in childhood that we need to prioritize others’ needs to ensure our well-being. The unconscious fear of rejection and abandonment can thus curb our desire for healthy relationships.

(Our unconscious mind is a powerful device, capable of so much beauty and destruction at once.)

Working with an EFT Practitioner helps untangle the mishmash of fears. You identify and heal the part of you that holds on to your current situation.

The Practitioner also helps you reach your goals and stay on track, so that you can create the life you want.

We need each other to heal

My ego didn’t appreciate the sting of the wake-up call…

The need for outside help meant that I was weak and vulnerable, two things I had fought against for so long.

In a way, it felt like agreeing to my defeat. The surge of tough emotions sometimes overtook my body. Whole paradigms crumbled.

EFT is potent medicine.

Whether you work with an EFT Practitioner or not, one thing is for sure: We need each other to heal. We need hugs, emotional support and connection. 

Nowadays, I’m embodying my boundless nature more and more. 

And I couldn’t have done it without the people that helped me along the way.

Want some free support?

I’m offering free EFT Tapping sessions in exchange for a short interview via Zoom.

I enjoy connecting with other women and learning about their challenges related to confidence, boundaries and relationships.

In the first 15 minutes, I’ll ask questions like “How did you discover me?” for new content ideas. In the last 15 minutes, you’ll get an EFT session to feel calm and clear. (Yes, things can shift that quickly.)

This offer isn’t a discovery call, where we discuss my paid services. It’s a fun opportunity to connect and support each other!

If you feel inspired to work with me, we can book a free call to make sure we’re a good fit.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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