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5 Easy Ways to Keep a Daily EFT Tapping Routine | People often ask me: "How do I keep a daily EFT Tapping routine?" A daily EFT routine helps us soothe anxiety, calm our mind and stay grounded. Read on for 5 tips.

Once people discover the amazing benefits of EFT Tapping, they often ask me:

How can I use EFT on a daily basis?

What do you recommend as a tapping routine?

Wonderful questions! Having a daily EFT routine is an excellent way to soothe anxiety, calm your mind and stay grounded.

If you’re working one-to-one with me, it’s also an effective way to reinforce your progress in between sessions. You can continue tapping on your issues to accelerate the process.

How to keep a daily EFT Tapping routine

Have you ever started a new habit?

How long did it last?

For most people, it’s easy to get excited about a new habit because you know what good it’ll do for you. You’ve experienced the immediate peace of mind that EFT can bring. 

Unfortunately, it’s much harder to stick to the habit. When we don’t stick to our routine, we tend to get discouraged and beat ourselves up.

What’s more, many of us feel resistance towards doing EFT on our own (including me!). We all have a part of ourselves that prefers staying in our comfort zone. Familiarity gives us a sense of control and safety.

That’s why I recommend taking baby steps.

Make it ridiculously easy.

If tapping 5 minutes per day is too hard, tap for 1 minute per day. 

Maintain the habit of tapping 1 minute per day for however long you want—even if it means 3 weeks or longer—until you feel ready to do 2 minutes per day. This will help you form the habit.

It’s best to not focus on results in the beginning. Just focus on starting.

Thanks to the incredible power of EFT, you’ll still feel calmer with just 1 minute of tapping. 

That’s because tapping instantly signals to the amygdala, the part of our brain that’s in charge of the fight-or-flight reaction, to calm down. Our body switches from the stress response to the relaxation response. (You can learn more about the science behind EFT here.)

Any tapping is better than no tapping. 

When you tap for a little bit, make sure to celebrate your success!

Here are 5 ways to keep a daily EFT Tapping routine:

1) Tap silently anytime

The easiest way to start a tapping routine is to tap silently anytime you feel anxious.

Anytime you feel tense, start tapping on the side of your hand.

5 Easy Ways to Keep a Daily EFT Tapping Routine | People often ask me: "How do I keep a daily EFT Tapping routine?" A daily EFT routine helps us soothe anxiety, calm our mind and stay grounded. Read on for 5 tips.

You don’t have to say anything—not even the typical Set-Up Statement, Even though I feel anxious, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Since you’re already tuned into the anxiousness, there’s no need for words. If you’d like, you can observe where you feel the tension in your body. Focus on the tension as you tap on the side of your hand until you feel calmer.

You can even tap on another tapping point, or all of the points, in silence.

5 Easy Ways to Keep a Daily EFT Tapping Practice | People often ask me: "How do I keep a daily EFT Tapping routine?" A daily EFT routine helps us soothe anxiety, calm our mind and stay grounded. Read on for 5 tips.

When you’re in public (and you don’t want to look nuts), you can rub the side of your hand or the collarbone point. If you’re at a desk or a table, tap lightly on the side of your hand underneath.

Some people put their headphones on and drum their fingers on their collarbone point.

Tapping silently in any moment you feel anxious is a surprisingly quick way to soothe yourself and return to the present.

2) Tap for 5 minutes per day 

If you’re looking for a more structured tapping routine, I recommend this to all my clients:

Tap for 5 minutes in the morning and/or 5 minutes in the evening.

Tying this new EFT routine to another habit makes it easier to maintain. For example, you can tap right when you wake up. Right after brushing your teeth. Or right after your meditation practice.

One of my past clients parks her car in front of her workplace and taps for 5 minutes before going in everyday. She feels so calm that her colleagues ask her if she’s doing okay!

A typical tapping routine could look like this…

When you wake up, check in with yourself and see if you feel any anticipation about the day ahead. Maybe you’re worried about all the work you have to do or your big presentation today. 

Use the words that come to mind and insert them into a Set-Up Statement, Even though I’m feeling stressed because I have so much to do today, I deeply and completely accept myself.

At the end of the round, tune in and see what thoughts, emotions or physical sensations arose. Tap on that next. Follow the thread until you feel calmer.

In the evening, review your day and pay attention to any lingering upsets or worries. Right before going to bed, for example, you can tap on any irritations and ease yourself into better sleep.

You can follow along with my free EFT meditation to release evening stress.

Tapping everyday has a cumulative effect, so you’ll enjoy increasing calm and clarity on a regular basis.

3) Tap along with a support

Some of my clients prefer tapping along with a support.

Many of us lead such busy lives, it’s hard to focus and stay motivated with an EFT routine. (Though that’s the perfect reason to keep a daily tapping practice!)

In that case, you might find it easier to just pick a tapping video on YouTube and tap along. A popular EFT Practitioner, Brad Yates, has lots of videos to choose from. His style is a bit dry, but his videos cover many topics.

Another option is to use The Tapping Solution app. (This is a non-affiliate link, I just think you might find it helpful.) Pick any guided tapping audio and follow along.

There’s a free and paid version. Also, know that when you download the app, you’ll be added to their mailing list. And they send you frequent emails that quickly get annoying!

I’m creating a collection of free EFT meditations on the Insight Timer app. You can follow me for notifications of new releases.

The downside with using a support is that sometimes the tapping statements don’t align with our unique situation. Tapping along with a video or an audio isn’t specific enough to achieve lasting results. 

If you’re working with me, I can share different techniques with you that are tailored to your goals. We’ll heal the root of your issue by identifying and clearing your subconscious blocks.

That said, tapping along with a support makes it easy to self-soothe and reduce anxiety in between sessions.

4) Tap on a memory per day

If you know how to tap on a bothersome memory, you can clear one everyday as a ritual.

EFT Founder Gary Craig recommends that we all engage in the Personal Peace Procedure for our personal and collective well-being. We simply make a list of at least 100 bothersome memories and tap on one memory each day.

It’s a monumental undertaking, but imagine how liberating it’d be to release all those past wounds! You’d feel lighter everyday. 

I don’t recommend exploring any past events on your own if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, however. Working with trauma without appropriate training and experience can cause retraumatizations and worsen symptoms.

If at anytime you feel overwhelmed, tap silently and breathe deeply until you feel calmer.

Then, shake it out, drink some water and rest. Ask for support from a therapist or work with me.

5) Tap on positive affirmations

Many people use positive affirmations and wonder why they don’t work. 

We can’t just slap the affirmations on top of our fears and poof! Our limiting beliefs disappear. 

That’s why in EFT, we mainly focus on releasing the “negative” stuff: past hurts, trauma and tough emotions like anger, fear and shame. Once we clear these emotional blocks, we discover our natural worth, love and abundance.⁣

We’re inherently worthy. We’ve just been conditioned to believe otherwise.

The great sculptor Michelangelo said that he could see the angel in the marble and that he carved until he could it set free.⁣ So, set yourself free and you’ll see that you already have what you’re seeking.

In short, tapping on affirmations isn’t necessary to create a life you love. But it can certainly help to reinforce your innate power.

You can choose any YouTube video with positive affirmations and tap along. Or with the ThinkUp app (non-affiliate link), you can record your own affirmations and add music. Then, tap along to your positive self-talk.

An alternative practice is to tap, while giving thanks for the good in your life (inspired by EFT Master Carol Look).

Start tapping at your eyebrow point and continue for 2 or 3 rounds:

  • Thank you for my abundance.
  • Thank you for the unexpected money.
  • Thank you for such nourishing friendships.

Use your own phrases and have fun!

Start small

When we keep a daily EFT Tapping routine, we feel more grounded and able to navigate our lives.

The trick is to establish the habit by starting small.

Anytime you feel anxious, you can just start tapping on the side of your hand. 

You have an extraordinary tool at your fingertips. Use it and enjoy the immediate calm, despite what is happening externally.

When we meet ourselves exactly where we are, we’re building a sense of safety within. Our self-acceptance acts as a powerful foundation to create a fulfilled life.

Let’s model and teach others how to stay serene and compassionate. 

We can all use EFT to cultivate peace in this challenging world.

Want some free support?

I’m offering free EFT Tapping sessions in exchange for a short interview via Zoom.

I enjoy connecting with other women and learning about their challenges related to confidence, boundaries and relationships.

In the first 15 minutes, I’ll ask questions like “How did you discover me?” for new content ideas. In the last 15 minutes, you’ll get an EFT session to feel calm and clear. (Yes, things can shift that quickly.)

This offer isn’t a discovery call, where we discuss my paid services. It’s a fun opportunity to connect and support each other!

If you feel inspired to work with me, we can book a free call to make sure we’re a good fit.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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