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One of the biggest challenges when we want to overcome people-pleasing is releasing our self-doubt and embracing our deepest desires.

I see it all the time as I work with clients. For example, they say:

I want to stand up for myself, but I’m worried about looking selfish.

I’m creating an easy and abundant life, but my friends get jealous.

I’m working hard to create my business, but my family doesn’t support me.

It’s not easy to honor our truth, especially if we grew up in a family that often dismissed our needs and wants.

In our career or business, we might end up taking a different route for a while. This route might not resonate with us, but it seems like a more sensible way to make money and thrive.

Yet as the days crawl by, we feel deep down that something else is clamoring for our attention. This heaviness that threatens to keep haunting us pushes us toward our wake-up call.

More creativity. More joy. That thing that lights up our soul.

We come upon a crossroads:

Either we take the same route—and risk losing our spirit—or we choose the new route and possibly fail, while pursuing what makes our heart hum. 

Today, I’m so pleased to have Alyssa on my podcast for a live EFT Tapping session to release self-doubt about her career and success.

In this session, we identify and release the different fears associated with success:

  • her family’s doubt and her own self-doubt about her career
  • fear of not finding her stride in business and stagnating
  • feelings of inadequacy about helping others

You’ll want to watch or listen until the end for Alyssa’s breakthroughs! It’s surprising how quickly EFT helps us shed what doesn’t serve us, so that we can embody a new, empowering perspective. 

Let’s get into the session! Feel free to tap along with us. Enjoy.

Thank you for joining us in this EFT session! I hope it was valuable and insightful.

Would you like some free support to help you ease anxiety about boundaries, people-pleasing or relationships?

I’m offering 20- to 30-minute EFT Tapping sessions ($90 USD value) to guests on my podcast, Hush Your Mind.

My intention is to support you and, by publicly sharing our session, I hope to educate and inspire my listeners.

The audio and video will be published on my podcast and YouTube channel (you may use a pseudonym).

Be my podcast guest and get a free EFT session.

And if you want to work with me 1:1 to develop a success mindset and increase your income, impact and fulfillment, learn more and book a free call.

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