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Why It’s So Hard to Manifest Money and Abundance | Many of us want more money. But affirmations, vision boards and visualizations don't seem to work. Find out why and how EFT Tapping can help.

Do you want more money?

Many of us do. Some people don’t like admitting it. Others struggle to make enough. 

Perhaps you make good money, but you’re stuck at a certain number.

Law of Attraction teachers say, You attract what you focus on. So we create goals and vision boards and visualize a million dollars.

Years ago, I played a game with an imaginary checking account. I “deposited” money daily and wrote out play checks to spend it.

Two years later, I stumbled upon the checks and realized I had manifested almost everything (including a hot air balloon ride)! 

These wins enchanted me. But my actual bank account balance still shrank to zero by the end of the month. How could this be?

It wasn’t until I experienced EFT Tapping that I discovered the missing keys.

Are you frustrated with the Law of Attraction? Read on.         

How does EFT Tapping clear money blocks?

Money blocks are complex. 

There are no magical pills or spiritual bypassing.

Repeating positive affirmations like I’m a money magnet, Money comes to me easily or I always have more than enough money don’t work unless you deeply believe them.

Here’s the thing: Your emotions, limiting beliefs and expectations around money are mostly unconscious. 

They begin in childhood and strongly affect your financial picture today.⁣

If you don’t release these beliefs, you’ll find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, guilty or fearful when you deal with money.⁣

How do you feel when you receive a bill? Anxious or worried? Is there any bodily tension?

If you believe there’s never enough money, getting a bill can activate your body’s stress response. Your brain perceives that small event as a danger. 

Note: this can happen even if you’re financially well off. It depends on your beliefs. Threats don’t have to be life-threatening. They can also be mental stressors.

Increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol put us into fight or flight and disable the frontal lobes of our brain, which are responsible for rational and reasoned thinking.

At this point, it’s hard to stay open to inspiration and ideas to create wealth. 

We won’t take the necessary actions to support our goals. Or we might overspend, procrastinate or stay in an unfulfilling job.⁣

EFT Tapping helps us de-stress and release this baggage, so that we can align with our desired financial situation.⁣

That day at the toy store

One day, my family received a rare visit from my grandpa.

I was about 4 or 5 years old. The doorbell rang and the sun shined brightly in the entryway.

My grandpa smiled and greeted me. He announced that we were going to the toy store together. A double surprise!

I jumped into my favorite red corduroy dress and skipped all the way to his immaculate beige sedan. A slight odor of spicy aftershave tickled my nose, as I watched the oaks race by.

We parked in front of Toys “R” Us. Just as the automatic doors slid open, my grandpa said, Buy whatever you want!

I glanced at him, surprised. He waved his hand toward the aisles, then grabbed a shopping cart. My eyes beamed. Okay!

I skipped down many aisles, stopping to gaze up at the towering shelves. My parents refused to buy the toys I desired. We struggled to make ends meet.

My grandpa saw me turning a makeup kit in my hands. I heard my mom’s voice in my mind, You’re too young for makeup. Suddenly, he snatched the kit and tossed it into the cart. 

The biggest toy I received that day was a pink bike with handlebar streamers. I still remember how my grandpa grinned, as he walked the bike through our front door!

Releasing my money blocks has been arduous

Besides this incredible experience with my grandpa, I struggled with money for most of my life. 

Visualizations, meditation and journaling about my limiting beliefs didn’t seem to help much.

And it’s no surprise. 

My dad worked long and hard hours, while my mom took care of us kids. Growing up as a Buddhist, I learned that wanting money was greedy. The idealist in me saw money as a means to harm and divide.  

Knowing what holds us back isn’t enough. When I experienced tapping for the first time, I was stunned at its effectiveness.

During a group coaching program, we tapped on themes that didn’t seem linked to money. The answers to the following questions hinted at our blocks:

  • What needs to be released for me to fully allow myself to be loved?
  • What needs to be healed for me to express the truth of who I am?
  • What needs to be brought to my awareness for me to be a powerful deliberate creator in my life?   

Sometimes, I experienced a huge release after the sessions. And then money would show up in the form of discounts, refunds or a new client.

But the progress slowed down after a while.

When I became a certified EFT Master Practitioner, I learned that the clearing work needs to go much deeper for long-term results. Because we’re not just clearing money blocks. We’re also clearing self-worth blocks and healing seemingly unrelated trauma.

Our money blocks reflect how we value our time, energy and skills. 

Challenging life events can leave us feeling drained and doubting our capabilities. 

Those issues stay stuck in our nervous system and energy body, affecting how we show up in the world.  

2 essential keys to manifest money

To increase our abundance, EFT Master Carol Look says we must do 2 things:

  1. Reduce our resistance
  2. Raise our vibrations

Believe it or not, the Law of Attraction works. We attract things, based on our frequency. That’s why being in the emotional states of joy, gratitude and abundance bring more of these experiences.

But if we haven’t cleared our unconscious fears and beliefs about money—and their roots, we’re radiating the frequencies of fear, lack and separation. So we attract more of these experiences. 

Instead, we can use EFT Tapping to reduce our resistance first. That way, any actions we take will be aligned with our desires. 

Some of the main issues to tap on include:

  • I don’t deserve to make that kind of money
  • I’m not _____ enough to make lots of money
  • Grief, guilt and shame around money 
  • Rich people are selfish and/or unethical
  • Religious beliefs about money
  • Fears of success (e.g. envy, visibility, rocking the boat)

After releasing much of your resistance, it’s easier to raise your vibrations, the other key step in manifesting money.

Simply notice how you treat yourself. 

Do you let yourself rest when you need it? How do you feel at the end of the day with an unfinished to-do list

What does your inner critic say? How much pleasure do you allow yourself to enjoy?

Your answers to these questions indicate your unconscious worthy and deserving set point. 

How you value your time and energy determines how much of yourself you must give to feel deserving of other people’s money, appreciation or validation.

Start small.

Make sure you give yourself some breathing space. 

It can be as simple as taking a break.

Manifesting money as a spiritual path

Everyday, I’m learning how to more fully embody abundance.

I’ve made extraordinary strides, thanks to EFT Tapping. 

My overall well-being has never been better. I value my own time, energy and skills. I’m making a positive impact on others’ lives. And I’m grateful to say that my bank account is growing.

Spiritual seekers often believe that going without money helps heal the world. Being a mindful consumer is certainly vital.

But money can be an immense resource to serve and support those in need. Imagine what would be possible if we viewed money as a way to bring more good into the world?    

Let’s heal our money blocks, so that we can do the work we’re meant to do and be a part of the solution.

Want some free support?

I’m offering free EFT Tapping sessions in exchange for a short interview via Zoom.

I enjoy connecting with other women and learning about their challenges related to confidence, boundaries and relationships.

In the first 15 minutes, I’ll ask questions like “How did you discover me?” for new content ideas. In the last 15 minutes, you’ll get an EFT session to feel calm and clear. (Yes, things can shift that quickly.)

This offer isn’t a discovery call, where we discuss my paid services. It’s a fun opportunity to connect and support each other!

If you feel inspired to work with me, we can book a free call to make sure we’re a good fit.

I look forward to connecting with you!

4 thoughts on “Why It’s So Hard to Manifest Money and Abundance”

  1. I’ve just come across your website after a search for blocks, abundance and finances. I’m intrigued by what you have to say and would like to receive your newsletter.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you for reading my blog article! I’m pleased to hear that it was insightful. It’d be a joy to have you in my newsletter community. Please check your spam/promotions folders for my welcome email.

      I’m trading free EFT sessions in exchange for a research interview. If you’re interested, you can learn more and sign up here: I love supporting women with abundance and financial blocks, so that they can enjoy life more fully!

  2. Hi…. I feel like I have over obsessed myself when it comes to manifesting money, and now the lack I have been accustomed to and the money I have been relentlessly waiting and searching for is not my daily, no momentarily routine and it’s driving me farther and farther away from receiving ot and becoming successful in every way…. I have been without single dollar to my name for some time now and have been stranded where I am for over a week . Please please help… I need help out of this severe rut that I have been in for over 3 years now

    1. Hi Christine, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. You can reduce any stress about money by using EFT Tapping (check out this blog article/podcast episode). Tap on any negative emotions and limiting beliefs about money and other areas in your life. That stress blocks off our capacity to think clearly and stay open to solutions. Then, you can tap while saying positive affirmations or imagining what it’d feel like to experience financial abundance. I’d recommend doing this process daily and anytime you feel stressed.

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